Feebi lets you focus on
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AI chatbot to swiftly answer your restaurant's online
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Benefits of Feebi?

Feebi includes a whole host of features that can replace your customer service process. With completely customisable options, Feebi ensures your customers have the best experience when chatting to your restaurant via Facebook Messenger. Feebi is designed to save you time and money by handling your customer enquiries so you can get back to running your restaurant. Unlike customer service staff, Feebi will always be in a good mood and never needs a break, meaning better customer retention and an overall improved experience.

How does Feebi work?

Feebi is an AI chatbot which instantly responds to your restaurant queries via Facebook Messenger. Our 15 minute set up allows you to integrate Feebi with your booking system and have her respond to all of your restaurant queries as soon as they come through.

Instant Replies

Feebi responds to your all of your Facebook Messenger queries quickly and effectively for the best possible customer experience.

AI & Machine Learning

Feebi continually retrains on new data from various restaurants and demographics making her the smartest restaurant chatbot available.

Human Handover

Occasionally there are messages that require customers to speak to a human, Feebi will swiftly handover to a team member.

Aphrodite Brasserie

Restaurant & Bar

Hi Sam, I'm Feebi. How may I be of help today?
Could I book a table for 9pm tonight please?
Certainly, for how many people?
Just for me and my partner
No problem, you have a table booked for two at 9pm.
Thank you!


Table Reservations

You can train Feebi to respond to booking requests in a way that suits your restaurant. We've trained Feebi to link up with your table reservation software, allowing guests to quickly and easily book from with the conversation flow.

Once a Table Reservation is made through Feebi the list of available tables gets updated, so you don't need to worry about over booking

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Menu Requests

Customers can browse through your menus and decide on what they’re having before sitting at the table. When a customer requests to see your menus, Feebi responds with a list of menus to browse through.

If a specific menu is requested, only that menu is shown. When a customer asks if serve any items with a specific dietary restriction, Feebi responds with the menu that contains this information.

Aphrodite Brasserie

Restaurant & Bar

Hi Sam, I'm Feebi. How may I be of help today?
Please could I see your menu?
Thank you!

Aphrodite Brasserie

Restaurant & Bar

Hi Sam, I'm Feebi. How may I be of help today?
Hi, are you open on Christmas Day around lunchtime?
Yes, we are open from 10am to 4pm on Christmas Day.
Nice one!


Opening Times

Feebi responds with a list of your regular opening times whenever she is asked for generic opening times. When a specific date is asked, Feebi reponds with that day's opening times only.

You can train Feebi to handle any special holiday opening times eg. Christmas day. Feebi will overwrite these dates with your regular opening times.


Frequently asked questions

Save time on answering customer's general questions about your restaurant and let Feebi handle this for you.

Feebi handles general queries and responds with your restaurant's specific information. All you need to do is input the correct information and Feebi will handle the rest.

Aphrodite Brasserie

Restaurant & Bar

Hi Sam, I'm Feebi. How may I be of help today?
Do you have disabled access at your facility?
Yes, we do provide disabled access into our restaurant. We also have disabled toilet facilities.
Awesome, thanks!

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