How A Restaurant Chatbot Can Save You Time & Money

By Sophie Rischmiller March 8, 2019

It’s a brave new world out there and technology is spearheading a cultural shift in the way we communicate with businesses. Customers no longer want to pick up the phone and wait for it to ring, or write out an email and wait for a response. They can send a message to a friend and get an immediate response, so why can they not send a message to businesses and receive the same? Well, now they can; for your restaurant anyway.

Restaurant chatbots are a fast moving technology which is enabling restaurants all over the world to quickly respond to their customers’ enquiries and bookings, without the need of human interference. We have taken a look at some of the advantages this could have for local restaurant businesses, including saving both time and money.

Saving You Time

When you have someone else handling your restaurant enquiries for you (at just £30 per month by the way) you open up the opportunity to get all of those little things done that you never usually had time for.

How long do you think you could spend replying to emails, responding to phone calls or even messaging customers back yourself on Facebook rather than doing all of those important things such as managing staff, making sure your in-house customers are happy or focusing on marketing and growing your restaurant.

Having a restaurant chatbot to hand gives you the confidence and security to run your restaurant, knowing that the tables are still being filled in the background without you having to lift a finger.

Saving You Money

First of all, your time is money and the amount of time you are spending responding to enquiries is taking you away from managing the restaurant itself.

Chatbots can save you money in two ways; reduced loss of custom due to lack of response or inaccurate response. And second way being through the time you get back from both yourself and your staff when they no longer have to respond to booking requests or enquiries from customers.

Let’s do a simple calculation. The average wage for a waiter or waitress could be £8 per hour. If your staff spend an average of just one hour every day of the year responding to any form of enquiry via phone, email or social media, that’s a loss of £2,920 per year just
answering messages.

With a restaurant chatbot, all of your enquiries are responded to for just £360 per year, which is already a saving of £2,560. But what about when it’s a peak time such as Christmas or New Year? Your staff could spend up to two hours a day combined responding to enquiries, so in just one month you could be spending almost £1000 on something that could be easily handled for just £30. And remember, your restaurant chatbot is responding both during business hours and out of hours as well…

Don’t let your restaurant get left behind, get in touch with the team at Feebi and ask us how our restaurant chatbot is helping restaurant businesses all over the world save time and money when responding to bookings and enquiries.

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