How To Improve Your Restaurant’s Customer Experience

By Sophie Rischmiller November 21, 2023

What do you think consumers are looking for when they think about going to a restaurant?

Good food? Value for money? A nice atmosphere?

And how do you think they expect to be treated by a restaurant they choose to attend?

Respected as a customer? Welcomed by the staff?

All of these elements are part of the experience of choosing to go to a restaurant. What makes a good restaurant isn’t just the food and what you pay for it, it encompasses everything from the booking process to walking through the door and ordering your first drink. And the one thing most likely to kick off a positive experience at a restaurant is how the customers are treated before they arrive.

Restaurant owners sometimes underestimate the effect the booking process has on the customer before they even arrive. If they pick up the phone and the background noise is so loud they can barely understand what the person on the other end of the phone is saying, or if the staff member responding to their enquiry has a bad attitude, this could greatly affect the potential customer’s attitude toward the restaurant. Either they will make their booking and have made assumptions about the experience they are about to receive – which could lead to bad reviews – or they will decline to book altogether.

There is a far simpler way to handle all of this, which is becoming increasingly popular as time goes on and social media begins to dictate the consumer’s assumptions about the restaurant experience they will receive at any given venue.

More and more people are sending messages to restaurants via platforms such as Facebook Messenger to book their tables or enquire about disabled access or vegan food.

But what happens when a staff member has a bad day and sends a short snappy reply to a potential customer? Doesn’t that just bring back all the issues we were experiencing with the old methods of contacting restaurants? That is where restaurant chatbots come in.

Restaurant chatbots are an emerging technology used to respond to any potential bookings and enquiries your restaurant receives. They are improving your restaurant experience by responding 24/7 to enquires and bookings from customers in a patient, friendly and timely manner. No more worrying about customer service training, losing custom due to complicated booking procedures or having a bad first impression due to the way a customer has been treated before they walk through the door.

Time for a sigh of relief, a cup of tea and a visit to where you can start your restaurant chatbot journey for less than the price of a decent bottle of Moet.

How’s that for improving your experience?

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