How You Can Support Your Local Restaurant During COVID-19

By Sophie Rischmiller March 18, 2020

In recent days and weeks, a frightening pandemic has swept the globe leaving many people with no choice but to go into isolation or limit their time outdoors. This has had a huge impact on businesses everywhere, but especially those that rely on footfall, including the restaurant industry.

At Feebi HQ, we wanted to share some of the bright ideas the social media community have been putting out there to help your local pubs, restaurants and cafes through this difficult time. Take a look below and do your bit for the local community.

1.Buy Gift Vouchers

Purchasing a gift voucher from your local pub, restaurant or cafe to use in the coming months is a great way to make sure they are still earning while their footfall is declining.

2. If they are offering a delivery service, order it!

Some venues are offering take-away services or delivery services for those who can’t leave the house or get access to food in understocked supermarkets. Treat yourself and support your local by ordering a meal!

3. On the same note: volunteer to contribute to their delivery service.

Want to help your local community and your favourite pub? Get in touch with the manager and ask if they can provide takeaway options. If they can, offer to spread the word or deliver the food yourself.

4. Online Support

Likes, follows and shares on social media help, but so do positive reviews on Google and Facebook. These are simple ways to support them even through hard times.

5. Start a fundraiser for the venues who are struggling the most

While everyone is isolated, this is the time we can come together digitally. Set up a fundraiser for those you know are really struggling online and share it among your local community.

If you can think of any more, head to our recent post on Instagram and leave a comment with your suggestions! We want to support as many restaurant businesses as we can throughout the challenging weeks ahead. Stay strong, stay safe and keep supporting each other.

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