Meet Feebi: The World’s Smartest Restaurant Chatbot

By Sophie Rischmiller April 25, 2024

As a restaurant owner or manager, what was the reason you started working in this industry? Your love of good food and wine? The fast-paced environment? Meeting new customers every day? At Feebi, we have seen the passion, creativity and time that goes into making a restaurant successful; whether it’s the preparation and care that goes into creating new dishes, or the empathy of the front of house staff ensuring the customers get the best experience.

But for years, the restaurant industry has battled with a disjointed customer services process; a mixture of phone calls, emails and walk-ins, taking bookings, cancelling bookings or changing bookings. It is hard to stay on top of it all when you have a restaurant to fill, tables to lay, orders to take, people to serve and staff to manage. But there is one chatbot changing the way we think about restaurant bookings and enquiries, enabling restaurants to become future proof with their customer services process.


Meet Feebi

An Artificial Intelligence Chatbot designed to swiftly answer your enquiries, so you don’t have to. Feebi has been developed to assist restaurants of all sizes with the enquiries they receive through Facebook and their website. As we quickly transition to a world where everything is ordered and booked online, Feebi is allowing restaurant owners to keep up with the demand for booking tables via their online platforms.

Having a chatbot available to answer enquiries 24/7 has a multitude of benefits, including instant replies to messages which means customer queries are being handled there and then, rather than waiting for them to lose interest. On top of this, much needed time is regained where staff no longer need to handle frequently asked questions or small customer queries. The team at Feebi are improving the way restaurants interact with their customers.

A customer can ask anything from whether or not the restaurant allows dogs to booking a table for them and their friends on a Saturday night, it really is that simple. Setting up an account with Feebi is easy and stress-free – you enter the details and our team will work out the rest. Learn more about what Feebi can do for your restaurant under the features section of our website.


But Why Are We The Smartest In The World?

Through AI and Machine Learning, Feebi is quickly learning the way customers behave and communicate with restaurants. We have been able to create the future technology of the restaurant industry through understanding the data behind multiple restaurants and their booking systems. To put it plainly – we have done all the hard work for you. By signing up to Feebi, you are unlocking the benefits of a continually learning AI platform which, like a fine wine, only gets better with age.

The more restaurants that connect to Feebi, the more data we can gather and the better experience we can provide for all of our customers. In a world where 85% of business to consumer interactions will be managed online by 2020, having the technology on your side to transition your business into the future is of the pinnacle importance to ensure the survival of your restaurant in an ever-changing market.


Are You Ready To Future Proof Your Restaurant?

Make Feebi another member of your team for just £30 (+VAT) per month – that’s pretty reasonable for a 24-hour employee who doesn’t need a lunch break! Get Started today.

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