Tech Tools That Are Supporting Us When We Need It Most

By Sophie Rischmiller September 30, 2023

With a lot of the UK now into the second week of isolation and other countries almost into their second month, we are looking at how technology is keeping a distanced nation together. Which tech is most popular during this time of social distancing and isolation? There may be a few here you might have used yourself, let us know in the comments!

This platform will be very familiar with those jumping on the #WFH (Working From Home) train. Zoom is a video calling platform that is keeping workplaces, classrooms and even families stay connected all over the globe. In fact, CNBC is describing it as ‘the darling of remote workers’. On a normal day, Zoom might be used to host video conferences between companies or to get in touch with outsourced workers, but under the current circumstances, it is being used for…well everything!

We couldn’t possibly get through a list about remote connectivity without giving a mention to one of the worlds biggest social networks. Facebook is not only providing a platform for endless content, there are also a number of Facebook Groups popping up for communities to support each other. Neighbourhoods and towns and posting messages to groups to offer help with shopping, advice and other community-spirited deeds like offering to phone elderly neighbours or put their bins out. This, coupled with the endless stream of ideas and inspiration for stay at home activities (for both adults and children), is showing Facebook to be a positive and uplifting community and very useful tech to have in a crisis like this.

Did I hear you say ‘home workout’? Content creators from all over the world have been jumping at the chance to inspire and motivate their audiences. Everything from boredom-busting videos to PE with Joe Wicks live-streamed for the children of the nation. There are also plenty of learning and educational videos to be found on YouTube, helping children keep up their homeschooling or teaching adults new skills.

House Party
This app has quickly gained popularity with the younger generation since lockdown means not seeing friends in person. The app enables group video chatting and in-app games with friends, perfect for staying connected in an isolated world.

At a time when we would all be so disconnected, technology is helping us stay in touch with loved ones, continue to work or even use this time to learn something new!

Is there a particular app or piece of tech you have been using during isolation? Share it in the comments or tag us in a social media post @getfeebi. Let us know the tech you have been using in isolation.

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