Welcome To 2020: The Decade Of Restaurant Technology

By Sophie Rischmiller February 12, 2020

It has been a busy start to the year for the team at Feebi, especially since the launch of our popular website widget making it easier for customers to message you not just via Facebook Messenger, but also on your website! We are working harder than ever to bring you new features, exciting updates and as always Feebi is constantly getting smarter. She is collecting more data and using it to ensure your customers get a smooth, instantaneous customer experience.

Restaurant technology, as with all technology, is ever-changing and always producing more tools fo efficiency and productivity; from POS systems to booking systems and now to chatbots. All of these services are here to make your life as a restaurant owner or marketer easier, with little time and admin work wasted on manually or physically taking bookings or answering customer questions. Instead, you have the luxury of restaurant tech like Feebi handling these details for you 24/7.

Feebi has now made it easier than ever for restaurateurs to set up their account and have Feebi start answering all of their enquiries via Facebook Messenger and their website. She can now offer menu choices, respond to to questions about dietary requirements and automatically booking a table has never been so simple. Our customers, fans and partners have commended Feebi for going from strength to strength and in 2020 we are ready to take it to the next level.

Chatbot’s are the new kid on the block in the restaurant technology sector, but they are helping restaurant owners navigate the restaurant customer service space like never before:

“Using Feebi has made a positive difference to the way we are able to handle bookings and enquiries. Without this service, our staff could not keep up with all the messages we receive and certainly could not respond as quickly and efficiently.” – James McGill | Cosmo Restaurant Group

By using Feebi, you are not only putting a smile on the face of every member of the Feebi team, but you are also enabling your customer more access to your restaurant. A new generation of customers who have grown up in the digital age, and are used to a world where everything happens instantly, will start to expect instant responses to their enquiries and easy booking processes. Feebi is enabling restaurants a method for future-proofing their businesses while they prepare for this new wave of digitally focussed customers. 

Our advice to restaurant owners and marketers looking to ease growing pains and improve customer service in 2020 is to invest in restaurant technology. Integrating tools like Feebi into your business now will help you to cope with the changing trends in the restaurant industry as we make our way into this new decade.

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