If You Run A Restaurant, Here’s Why You Need A Chatbot

By Sophie Rischmiller February 8, 2019

Running a restaurant is time-consuming enough without having to manage multiple bookings, changes to bookings, cancellations or other frequently asked questions which pop up all day, every day. As a restaurant manager or owner, there is a never-ending list of things to keep on top of; if it’s not managing staff rotas or setting up tables, it’s changing menus or creating marketing material. Precious time managing the day to day running of things can be frequently interrupted with enquires and booking requests,

There was a simple solution it seemed – have an FAQ page on your website!

But does anyone use it?

No… How about a solution for bookings? Have them call you or email you! But are you still paying a member of staff to waste half their time on the phone or checking emails rather than serving your customers?

Yes… All these admin bits and pieces are important for the success of your restaurant but are also time-consuming and if a member of staff can’t get to them quick enough, you run this risk of losing that person’s custom altogether. So what should we do about that?

How about an employee that works 24/7 to answer enquires, book customers into your restaurant through online booking systems, respond to FAQ’s, needs no lunch break and only costs £30 a month? Sounds like a great solution, right?

Introducing Feebi, the world’s smartest restaurant chatbot and with your help, she will get smarter.

Feebi works 24/7 to instantly respond to your restaurant’s enquiries, saving you time and helping you retain customers in the process. When you have Feebi booking your customers a table through a smooth online booking process, your restaurant can fill up seamlessly without you or a member of your staff the need to lift a finger.

The best thing is that Feebi only gets smarter the more you use her, but the price will never change. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Feebi quickly learns how your customers behave, what kinds of questions they will ask and how she should respond to them. You also have the ability to customise your own answers so you always know she will respond in the same way you would.

Feebi was built to allow restaurant owners and managers to get back to what they love doing: serving customers in person, creating amazing new dishes and watching their restaurant grow. By cutting out any loss of customers and half-hearted or slow customer service, your restaurant will be on track to faster growth and more satisfied customers.

Get Started with Feebi and find out how a simple chatbot can transform your customer service experience while saving you time. Get back to doing what you love – choose Feebi

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