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Feebi costs £30 (+VAT) per month (per venue).
We have a 30 day free trial period, after which you will start being charged. If you don't wish to continue you can unpublish the bot, which will stop any further monthly payments.
To cancel your subscription, unpublish the bot in the admin panel. This will stop any further monthly payments.
Once you republish the bot the payments recommence.
If your business billing address is outside of the EU, you will not be charged VAT. If you are within the EU we will calculate the tax from your region and add this on as a separate line to your invoice.


How does Feebi work?

Feebi is an AI driven chatbot to respond to all of your restaurant enquiries via Facebook Messenger. When your customers send a message to your restaurant, Feebi will respond with answers to their questions, options to book tables and even display menus and dietary requirements.

What can Feebi respond to?

Feebi can respond to everything from table reservation requests and opening times, to menu options and dietary requirements. It can also respond to every day frequently asked questions such as whether you allow dogs or whether there is a dress code.

Is Feebi available in my location?

Feebi is available everywhere! If you have a restaurant, Feebi is your perfect customer service solution regardless of location.

Does it only work with Facebook Messenger?

Currently Feebi is only integrated with Facebook Messenger, but we are always working behind the scenes to make Feebi more accessible to everyone. We have a widget coming out for your website which will allow Feebi to respond to enquiries made directly on your website.

Why do I need a chatbot?

Feebi is designed to save you time, money and to improve your customer experience. As it is an AI driven piece of software, your chatbot will always respond in a timely manner and will always be in a good mood! This improves customer retention while giving you time to put back into running your business.

How do I set it up?

Simply connect Feebi with your Facebook page, answer some simple questions about your restaurant to aid the message responses and publish to your social media and website. You can start a 30 day free trial to find out whether Feebi is right for your restaurant.

Can I add my own responses?

When setting up Feebi, you answer questions which formulate the answers given to your customers. As Feebi is an AI chatbot, she is always learning how best to respond to new queries. If you need to give any specific answers you can always get in touch with our team via

Ready to get started?

Sign up now for a 30 day free trial and have Feebi
running on your restaurant's page in minutes.

£30 (+VAT) pcm