The Chatbot That Goes Beyond Customer Service

By Sophie Rischmiller October 21, 2019

Customer service is a core part of running and maintaining a successful restaurant. Its involvement runs from before the customer walks through the door, right up until after they leave your restaurant. From phone calls and email bookings to customer reviews and customer retention, there are plenty of ways for people to get in touch with your restaurant.

Without efficient and high-quality customer service, restaurant owners run the risk of losing customers or failing to retain customers who have visited before. Simple questions such as whether a venue allows dogs, caters to dietary requirements or has a children’s menu can be asked to multiple venues at a time. The one who responds quickest is most likely to receive that person’s custom.

At Feebi, we have some tips for staying on top of your customer service game.

1. Quick Response

In this new generation of instant messaging, people are used to receiving almost immediate replies to their messages. The same is true for when customers are sending a message to a restaurant to ask to see the menu or book a table. At Feebi, we make the instant response part of the customer services easy. Our chatbot replies to enquiries in seconds, completely automatically without your input.

2. A Friendly Attitude

There are many different types of people who will contact your restaurant on a daily basis, some will be friendly, some will be stressed out and have a bad attitude, some will be rude and others may even be disgruntled due to a bad experience (not from your restaurant, of course). And on the flip side, your employees responding to customer enquiries, complaints or bookings from these people may also have different attitudes depending on the circumstances; we are all human.

Feebi is the chatbot with a human touch, but the plus side is that she never has a bad attitude, even if a customer is being…difficult. She always turns up to work with a helping hand to offer and remains cordial regardless of the messages she receives.

3. Allowing Instant Booking

Online booking has become a huge part of servicing your customer’s requirements. Sometimes people don’t have time to pick up the phone or send an email, they want to book somewhere quickly without hassle and get a short confirmation so they know when and where they will be dining.

Feebi allows customers to book a table within the chat interface* so customers can send a message asking for a table for two at 7.30pm and never need to leave the chat screen to make their booking – simple, fast and excellent customer service.

When you think of the number of hours that can go into ensuring your customer has a great experience both inside and outside of the restaurant, wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone who does it all for you? Someone who doesn’t take a break, is available 24/7 and never had a bad attitude, even when customers are dissatisfied.

There is an innovative customer service solution designed specifically for restaurants and ensuring your customer service process is handled swiftly without you having to lift a finger. We have developed Feebi to understand restaurants and more importantly, understand your customer. This simple to use, 15 minute ‘set up and start’ technology is the key to ensuring your customers have a great pre-dining experience every time.

Feebi goes beyond customer service and answers almost any question a customer would need to know prior to booking at your restaurant as well as letting them complete the booking then and there. To learn more about Feebi’s features, head to our Features page. Or why not get started on your 30-day free trial now?

*when connected with a reservation system

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