Why Feebi Is The Key To Sustainable Customer Service

By Sophie Rischmiller December 22, 2023

Customer service is an ever-changing entity and it is the responsibility of restaurateurs to ensure they are keeping up with the times. What used to be a simple phone call from a customer to the restaurant to make a booking, check dietary requirements or ask whether you have disabled access, has now expanded into emails, text messages, online forms and enquires via Facebook Messenger.

Keeping track of this new wave of communication through multiple channels whilst also ensuring everyone receives a response can be a challenge. Not to mention the time it takes out of the number of other tasks a restaurateur needs to get done in a day; staff rota’s, setting menus, general marketing, stock checking and staff management just to name a few.

There are ways to optimise the customer service process. You could hire a new staff member – if you want to deal with the paperwork, the sick pay and the training of an extra person. Or there is a far easier way – a new way to make part of your customer service process completely automated.

Introducing the chatbot that swiftly deals with enquiries so you don’t need to.

Feebi is the new innovation in the restaurant world making the customer service process for restaurants easier, more time-efficient and sustainable for the future landscape of customer service. Our AI-driven chatbot responds to all enquiries made via your restaurant’s Facebook Messenger and even connects to your reservation system to automatically book people on to tables without you needing to lift a finger.

This new technology is available for a fraction of the price an employee would cost, it never needs a break and will respond 24/7 to enquiries from dietary requirements and menu options, through to table bookings and frequently asked questions.

With a new culture of on-demand messaging and receiving instant responses to practically everything in the modern digital age, paired with a new generation of young people being brought up preferring to send a text rather than pick up the phone, technology like Feebi is key to making your customer services process sustainable long term.

It is proven that 56% of people prefer messaging over calling; before we know it, table bookings will only be taken online. As a restaurant owner or manager, you need to be prepared for this change and software like Feebi is the solution restaurateurs are looking for.

It is time to adapt to survive, introduce Feebi into your restaurant today and let her handle your enquiries for you.

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